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Bad at Updating

Things are going well here, I'm just really bad at updating.
On the 17th, Steph and I hung out in Montclair and went to Alan's deli for all you can eat corned beef and cabbage. Fabulous.
This weekend was great, but went by way too quickly. I cleaned the house cause I'm neat like that, and made my room all spiffy as well. It is already dirty, but hey, whatever.
Saturday I had a make up appointment for a Bobbi Brown event, and it looked fab. I then went to an art gallery opening with my aunt, and then a party at my sister's house for Stephanie. Lots of food, and Steph made fabulous sangria! I also ate a ton of fruit, artichoke dip with bread, and a good portion of the cheese platter (yey for brie and muenster).
I'm back at work at the moment which is a good thing. This past week was Spring Break, so I was glad to be free of classes for the week. Starting tomorrow, my classes begin again. Boo.
Ok, back to designing for me. xoxo