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This past week I have been working at the restaurant more than normal because a lot of the waitresses are college students who have gone home for the holidays. I don't mind, it's good money. And tonight, my first table left me 19%. Nice start, which is more than I leave when I go out to eat. My other %'s? 25%, 30%, and 23% on a larger party. Since when did I become Miss professional waitress raking in the dough? Not that I mind (clearly), but it is rather funny. I guess I'm friendly. And I don't mess up orders. Now that I've said that, watch something go wrong... I also got to take home extra Pinot Grigio from a table. Woohoo!!

Tomorrow I will go to church in the morning and probably go to the townhouse. I have some things I need to drop off at the house anyway. Tomorrow night I will be waitressing. We already have a bunch of reservations so it will be busy.

Bedtime soon. I'm tired.