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Last night I picked up dinner at the restaurant and did very well. That was a pleasant surprise!! Makes me very happy!

Today I plan on stopping by Dave's office at lunch so he and I can go out to eat. Yesterday one of my friends from FIT came to NJ and she and I ate lunch at the restaurant and walked around looking at stores in the area - especially the knitting/yarn stores since we both knit. That was fun!

I need to finish painting the kitchen for my mom. I did half of it last weekend, but I still need to finish the ceiling and half of the room. The room at one point sorta breaks, and one half of the room has a ceiling about 2 stories high with a skylight. I managed to finish (most) of the half of the room with the standard height ceilings. It's just the 'harder' half that I need to work on. Yikes! I think I might need to borrow a ladder from Dave to get it all done. After that I will be working on removing the wallpaper in the dining room and that I will begin painting that.

I also managed to clean the entire house yesterday. Gee, I'm so productive!!


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Jan. 12th, 2007 06:35 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a busy weekend!
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