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Yesterday I was home for a large portion of the day and watched Bravo's marathon on Top Chef. I watched last season, but didn't get into this season...until yesterday when I just kept watching non-stop. I have the biggest crush on Sam - which is kinda funny cause he really looks like my boyfriend, Dave. They're just the same type which makes me laugh cause I always go for guys of that type. But yeh, Sam's a cutie. And he got booted on the 'real' episode last night. That made me sad. I waitressed last night too, and it was slow so that was kinda sucky but whatever.

I'ts 9:13 am and I have already managed to update my resume and I sent it to my teacher. I'm looking for an internship for my FIT program (and another for my MSU program, but that's a different story) and I think I found one that interests me. We'll see what happens for that!

Today, I swear, I'm going to get all my freelance work done. At least I hope to. Maybe...