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I just got back from the library after finding about 8 books for the semester. My goal this spring is to be really on top of my homework and to try to actually get assignments completed way ahead of time so I won't feel a last minute crunch to work on projects. Let's see how long this enthusiasm lasts. I hope a while.

Today I will pick up my black leather chair for my living room in my townhouse. I'm looking forward to that, I think that it will look great in the space.

Dave and I started to make plans for this evening and I'm looking forward to that. We always have fun together, and we might be making an appearance at one of my favorite malls.

Anthropologie and JCrew have spring/summer-ish clothing out already and it is making me crave summer so badly. At least this winter hasn't been exceedingly cold, and the groundhog saw his shadow so winter shall be over soon. We hope.


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Feb. 2nd, 2007 09:37 pm (UTC)
I visited the Anthropologie website and I really wish that it would come to Canada!
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