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Last night, Dave, my mom and I watched "The Lake House" which I really enjoyed. In the beginning, I was slightly confused about timing and what was going on, but once I figured that out, I thought it was really cute. I loved the book "The Time Traveler's Wife" and this slightly reminded me of that, so that was cool. If you haven't seen the "Lake House" or read "Time Traveler's Wife", do both!

So far this morning I have accomplished nothing. I picked up the leather chair from the furniture store last night, but it still needs to be put in my house. I'm so excited about it, and I think it will look awesome!

Dave and I went out to Chili's for dinner after picking up the chair. After waitressing a lot myself lately, I was surprised at the price of the food. My dinner was $7.99 - lol. Waitresses in chain restaurants clearly rely on volume for tips rather than large bills per person/table. Interesting and different concept than what I'm used to.

Dave was joking, "flirting" with hostesses and it was really funny. We were told the wait was for 15 minutes, so Dave wanted to go to the bar during the wait. We went, we ordered, and our pager thing starting vibrating showing us that our table was ready. We hadn't even totally finished getting our drinks (one was still being poured). I told him that I would pay for that, he would pay for dinner, and to go to the hostess stand to claim our table. (At this point in our relationship, who pays for food and whatnot is really not an issue at all.) Our wait really only ended up being about 4 minutes, so the hostesses remembered who we were, our names, etc. and they saw that we had just walked to the bar. Dave asked, "oh did everyone who was in line ahead of us leave?" And apparently the hostesses replied, "a lot of tables all finished at the same time, so there really wasn't a wait." And then they asked him if we had even been there long enough to either get our drinks, take a sip, or pay the bill. And Dave replies:

"Oh no, I'm letting my girlfriend pay the tab. Whatever, I always *let* her pay for that kind of stuff." ...as he then follows them to the table sipping his beer.

Now, clearly he's kidding, but apparently the girls were so smitten, and thought this was the funniest/cutest thing ever. He tells me this when we get to the table, and I'm like, Oh Dave, you're such a keeper. You're so charming. Ha haha. But I do think it's funny....lol

Today I want to get some freelance web work done, homework, and cleaning accomplished. It's 11:02. I've done nothing so far as I stated above. Great.