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In a half hour I get to go home. I am making dinner tonight - linguini with a mushroom sauce, and that excites me. I love cooking, and I usually cook for everyone on Tuesday nights because it works with my schedule. I had an internship interview yesterday in the city and I got it! I begin after Memorial Day and it will apply to my FIT program as my internship requirement. I'm pretty excited!

Dave and I went to his brother's house for the Super Bowl on Sunday night and that was fun. We got to hang out with his family and eat yummy food. The weekend went by so quickly though! I wonder if the entire semester is going to by quickly too - it's kinda crazy how everything just whizzes by!

Yesterday was Rory's 2nd birthday. How sweet.

Yesterday I was walking through NYC and it was soooo cold. My little fingers were completely uncomfortable and super cold. I will be happier when the spring comes and it won't be as frigid. Summer would be nice too.

Back to work for my last 24 minutes of the day!