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Tomorrow Today is my friend Kendra's 22nd birthday! Yey! (Edit: Not sure how I screwed up on typing that one, considering I immed her this morning saying, "Happy Birthday!" I'm a loser.)

It's Friday! Yey!

After work I am going to run some errands for FIT homework and myself. I am determined to actually frame one of the embroideries that I posted in a previous post. I have them all just sitting in a pile and I never get around to doing it. I'm taking them one at a time, and I swear, I WILL do it. I also have an original vintage Vogue magazine cover from the 1930's that I need to frame so I can hang it in my townhouse. I'm so behind. Oops. I collect vintage Vogue magazines - vintage fashion magazines for that matter since I have a bunch of Godey's from the 1880s. They help as primary research points when writing papers. :)

I have a really neat final assignment for my Museum Practices class - I have to design, implement and talk about an exhibition that I design - concept, objects, text, brochures, labels, color schemes, etc. and give a power point presentation (which I actually like doing) on it showing the total idea to the class. I have a bunch of ideas and I just don't know which to go with and to actually use.

Classes this past week were actually a lot of fun. For my conservation class, we have a stitching project due of all the different types of stitches, which is really neat. Our first "assignment" was to make a felt case to hold our pins, needles, scissors, measuring tape and all our goodies for sewing. Only in a fashion graduate school. I just find that awesome. And it wasn't like, this is your assignment worth a large part of your grade - it's like "you need to make this because you will need one." I just think that's awesome. I was looking for zebra printed felt - cause I'm pretty sure it exists - but last minute just used what I already had at home. Which was navy blue felt with printed white polka dots. I then used pink ribbon trim and pink sequins as accents, with a pink interior pocket. Snazzy.

Back to work!



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Feb. 9th, 2007 03:21 pm (UTC)
Snazzy is a good word. ;)

Your Museum Practices class/assignment sounds sooo cool! I took a museum studies class my sophomore year, and we helped to implement an exhibit on campus of classical and classically-inspired stuff. It was fun.
Feb. 9th, 2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
That sounds awesome! What is your major? Do you plan to go on in the field? It's really a lot of fun! :)
Feb. 10th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
ha...well I WAS a classics major at the time, and considering going into museum work in the future. but i switched back to a creative writing major and i hate school. haha. the end.
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