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Just checking in and saying hi.

Since I am a fashion student, I thought it was my duty to make sure I full understand clothing construction and all that good stuff. So, the past few days, it has been like Project Runway in my study/craft/sewing room and I've been making some fun things. I have taken a ton of pictures (cause the new digital camera came in!) and I will post some later to show you my creations.

Also, I found this site: Vintage Sewing Patterns.

I have been using my mother's vintage patterns, so I think it's interesting that there is an entire site devoted to selling vintage patterns. Very cool. Anyone else that reads this sew? Tell me what you've recently made. Let's chat.


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Apr. 4th, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
i used to sew, when i was like 15, i'm not good at it at all though, i sew in my imagination lol that's where i live most of my life (in my imagination)

pictures!! i can't wait to see them, you must post, i'm glad you liked the camera
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