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4.20.07 b

Since I'm at a lull in my day at the moment, I thought I would chat about my next project.

Here is some of the fabric I recently purchased at ReproDepot.com (I also bought some girafee print jersey, but I'm not sure what I will be doing with that yet)

I will use it to make the pattern that I posted a few entries back: Vintage Simplicity Pattern 8061

The only this is, I am a 10 in vintage patterns. 10 misses. I bought a 9/10 Junior's. Yikes. I need to edit it a bit as it would fit me when I was 9. Ok, it's not that tiny, but it's small. I just am not looking forward to moving the darts and redoing the armholes. The back just needs an inch or two and it's totally doable, it just means I have to think. I've made one muslin so far and it's still not perfectly right, so this weekend I might attempt muslin #2. At least I'm on the track and I know where to go with it, but ugh! I like it so much better when it just *works.*

I bought a fun purple scarf as the belt and I think i twill look quite sharp when I actually finish it.

Just a little teaser.

I've been bad, I haven't posted any pictures of the JCrew inspired dress as it comes along. I have one posted on my facebook page. Let me see if I can post it here...

Here we go. Under normal circumstances I would just add it to my server, but I can't access my personal server from work. Bummer. So I uploaded it to shutterfly.

Here it is thus far. I need to criss cross the straps and then hem it. Remember, my inspiration was from this dress. I actually like my fabric better. I think the blue will look nicer with my eyes and skin tone. And the price difference is tough to beat. Some of my friends think I should "pouf" it with a crinonline underneath, but I'm not so sure. We'll see what I end up doing when I wear it. I had a field day with the zipper though. Don't even get me started on that. Zippers are not my calling, but it came out fairly well in the end. Buttonholes aren't my calling either. I do well enough that it doesn't matter, but I'm a perfectionist and they are below my "standards." Hah.

Maybe I should get back to work now. I'm just excited about this.


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Apr. 21st, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
I can't see it :(
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