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I guess you can tell when I am stressed out cause that is the time that I do the most embroidery, or sewing, or painting. Anything other than what I should be doing (homework.)

This evening I made this:

Not finished yet, but close. I still need to put in the zipper, actually press and stitch in the armhole facing (they're pinned, crammed into the dress on the mannequin), iron the entire dress overal and then hem the lining and the outer fabric.

This was a fun project for me. The pattern I had was tiny (girls' 9/10 - 30 inch chest) and although that isn't THAT far from my measurements, the armholes were too high, the chest was too small, the darts were totally in the wrong place, etc. I got to work on my pattern making skills and redo it to fit me! (And now it does. Yey!) I just put the sash around it cause otherwise it has now shape since there is no zipper. The sash will be part of the dress in the end too but I will make little loops on the side to keep it in place.

I'm in love with the fabric. I will be revisiting ReproDepot.com frequently.

And, I even DID get some homework done. Not a lot, but SOME!! It wasn't just all fun and sewing games!!