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4.29.07 b

I didn't accomplish as much homework today as I would have liked to, but I didn't do nothing either. I proof read the Turkish towels paper again today and reprinted 3 pages that had minor corrections that needed to be made. That sucker is now completely finished and ready to go. It's due Thursday, and it feels so good to be ahead of schedule.

And today. Today I worked on my 20th Century fashion history paper. My topic is the comparative analysis of 2 weddings and their coverage in the fashion press, influence, etc. The two weddings I chose are Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier III and Jacqueline Bovier to JFK. I think I was originally planning on adding a 3rd in there, but that hasn't happened yet. It might. (Natalie Wood to Robert Wagner in 1957? Marilyn Monroe to Joe DiMaggio in 1954?) I'm not sure of other weddings that occurred around that time that were as prominent as the two I am already writing about. The Wood-Wagner one was only mentioned in the NY Times the day after in an article that consisted of 4 sentences. Kinda goes against my entire argument there....

I have successfully written 9 pages of text today. It's not editted and will only get longer cause some sections are just quotes that aren't developed or introduced. But it's 9 pages, which is something. This paper doesn't seem to have a page requirement - at least I can't find it listed in the syllabus. I'm assuming it should be somewhere between 10 - 20. I know that's a big range, but it really isn't when you think about it. If you can write 10 pages, you can write 20. I think I'm going to try and aim for the 14-15 page mark. Which I need anyway cause not all of my ideas are fully developed. So yeh. It's due a week from tomorrow. I hope I can get it done before next weekend so I can actually enjoy my weekend. This weekend was basically pretty shitty cause all day yesterday I wrote the Turkish Towels paper and today was the Wedding one. (Second wedding related project of the semester...haha)

But on the flip side, who writes over 20 pages of text in two days? And then writes a play by play in their live journal about how much text they wrote?

When will the semester be over?