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For the first time in days, I didn't get a LOT of homework done. I guess I just needed an evening off, but I bet I will regret it in a few days. Who knows, I may get more work done in an hour or so...hmph.

I still need to finished the black and blue silk dress so that I can wear it on Friday night. I really need to get my ass in high gear about this kind of stuff...

I made balsamic glazed chicken with smoked mozzarella and tomato for dinner tonight. Everyone seemed to really like it - Dave said it was the favorite dinner I've made thus far, which I thought was interesting. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite. I felt so domestic, I wore the kimono dress I made to work today and then cooked dinner...just made me laugh. Sewing my own clothes and slaving behind a hot stove?? haha...

Ok. Time to either finish my paper or the dress. I still haven't decided which I will work on...