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5.1.07 c

I meant to post this weeks ago when it happened...but I'm lazy and have a lot on my mind

I posted a few entries back a newspaper article about a gala that a theater held. The theater held a reception reunion for alumni who performed there/worked backstage/directors/etc. My mother worked in the costume shop when she was in high school (She thinks it was 1964 or 65 but doesn't remember) and I performed there in 2000 and 2001. My sister performed with me in 2001. Here are the pictures from that night:

Alyson and I

Me and Cynthia. She is one of my closest friends and we met there in 2000 on the first day of rehearsal. We were talking about guys in the show, and I mentioned I had hooked up with Sean (my dance partner for a featured part) and her first words to me were "I hooked with Sean too!" hahaha.

Me and Julie. She and I were in Man of La Mancha togther in Northern NJ and then we both went to the Surflight audition (with another guy from Man of La Mancha, Adam, and my sister) and all four of us got in and then performed together again all that summer. I love her so much.

Kendra and I. Like Cynthia, I met her on the first day of rehearsal. She and Cynthia are amazing, and we all have shore houses within blocks of each other on the LBI beach...so we talk about how our children will be friends in years to come.

Alyson, TJ, Kendra and me. Kendra and TJ are now together, and they also met that summer back in 2000.

Me and TJ.

Ken and I. We were in shows together in 2001.

Me and Jenn. She is engaged now! I hope to hang out with her this summer since she said she will be at her shore house a lot (on the other end of the island, but still, close.)

So yeh. Those are my pictures from that night. It was so much fun and made me realize how much I learned those two summers, how much I grew, and the amazing people that I worked with.