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I'm in a sour mood. Again.

I had been planning on going out to eat with Dave and some of his family members this evening, but I'm in the middle of working on homework, and I know if I stop now to socialize, I will not accomplish all that I should and that I will behind for the rest of the week and that will make me more unhappy. But still, I'm just annoyed cause I know it would have been fun to go out with them. Bleh.

However, yesterday night, Dave and I had a great time. We went out to eat at California Pizza Kitchen and I had not been there before, so it was actually pretty good. We sat and chatted, and then after we walked around the mall and he was walking fast, and I was sorta dragging..haha. and he pulled me in the Oakley store and he bought me the pair of sunglasses I have had my eye on!! Which was just awesome and a total surprise and I'm so thankful. Then we watched last week's Grey's Anatomy at his house and just spent time together. It was a fun day together and sort of a mini celebration since I had totally finished my paper earlier in the afternoon. So yeh. I can't complain too much about tonight cause at least I got to see him last night and I'll probably see him later on this evening, but it still would have been fun. And I just like complaining.

I hand in my fashion history paper, and then I will have completed 2 of the 8 assignments that are part of my last few weeks of the semester. On Wednesday night is #3 out of the 8, and Thursday night is #4 of the 8. I should be able to get through this next week, but it won't be fun...


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May. 7th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
Yowch. 8 assignments? I only have 6 pages left of a paper that's due by noon tomorrow, and I've been whining for days. That, and I have a summer class starting on Tuesday, so I don't even get to be done. Ugh. Why are we in grad school?
May. 7th, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)
I'm really not sure!
It was 8 assignments for 4 classes:
Fashion History: 12 page paper, final
World Cultures: 12 page pater, presentation (finished it but won't give it til Thursday night)
Conservation Practices: Presentation on Kermes insect dye (finished, but won't give til the 16th), Presentation on a deteriorating designer leather skirt, paper on said skirt
Musuem Theory and Practices: Museum Exhibition Presentation on Exhibition I designed on Wayne Thiebuad.
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