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I am now done with the semester! Yippee!! Now I'm curious to see my grades. Last fall, my gpa was a 3.92 and I think it will go down slightly this time around. I tried my best, but I don't know if it will be as good. We'll see...

Today I will go and buy lining for my project. I might even go on lunch break. I'm uber excited to start the dress!
I also realized that I have 2 yards of 60" giraffe print cotton jersey, and I might make the same dress - Vogue 8380- (see 2 posts ago) but the other version - the green one in the illustration - with the giraffes. There was a shirt I wanted to make with the giraffe jersey, but it only uses 1 yard. I figure why waste the other yard when I can use all of it for a dress, and just get another fabric, and less of it, for the shirt? I think too much about this. The giraffe is also 60" wide, so I only will need 2 yards for the dress. Perfect. But I'm kinda excited to get two dresses out of the same pattern that will look totally different. I just hope I *like* the pattern enough to make two of them!!!

The NJ Transit trains yesterday were a mess and they were basically all "delayed* because of a power outage at some of the stations in NJ due to the thunderstorms and rain. When I got to the station at 8:20 for an 8:30 train, just as I walked in, they announced all trains were "delayed" at least an hour, and then BAMM! at once, all the trains had DELAYED next to them up until 9:02. There were so many people in Penn Station, pissed that they had no forseeable way of getting home any time soon - and it just got really crowded really quickly. I didn't want to wait "at least" an hour and then another hour on the train - that might lose power at any moment - so Dave was amazing and drove in to the city to pick me up. I was thrilled and he def. gets the "best boyfriend ever" award for that one!!

So today I am at work and it should be a good day. I'm just waiting on the friggin' lining fabric so I can make my dress! UGh!!



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May. 17th, 2007 06:11 pm (UTC)
OMG the thunder and lightening out there scared me so much when I was there. Never seen or heard anything like it. AND our plane home was delayed 12 hours too! Anyway, glad to see all is going well. And, that Dave is a great bf :) Oh yea, and the dress in the previous entry is super cute.
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