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I have finished the bodice so far on Vogue 8380 and that makes me happy. I also started the skirt, and will probably attach it tomorrow. I also picked up the last edition of the magazine, Sew Stylish, and there are some interesting ideas in there for me to elaborate on for my next few projects. I was pretty impressed with this magazine, and wasn't as thrilled with some of the others that are out at this moment.

I worked at graduation today which was neat. I got a "staff" pass and was able to visit with all the graduates and the staff lounge (with food!) so that was very cool. I saw a lot more people who were graduating that I knew than I thought I would. I was glad I had my camera and took some pics, and it was just fun being there. I rode the shuttle (that was my 'official duty' of the day) and on the way back to campus, I was on the bus with the class of 1957 that were honored at the ceremony. Anthony, the student worker, and I got in some great conversations with some of the 1957 grads. They were really cool and telling us stories about when they were at MSU and their lives since - they were just really cool! Lots of fun. And Whoopi Goldberg was the honorary degree recipient, so it was a fun ceremony as well.

After work, I met up with Dave at a new bar in our area which I was actually impressed with. He was there with his cousin and some of her co-workers, and Dave knew a bunch of people from high school. I usually get annoyed and bothered at bars, but for whatever reason, I liked this one! What a shock! So we had fun talking and hanging out, and then we went to Barnes and Noble where I bought the sewing magazine, and I bought Dave a vanilla cappucino or vanilla latte or something, a chai latte for myself, and a rice krispie treat for us to share.

Then we watched Shrek 2 so that we can now go see 3 together since I hadn't seen 2 yet. Fun evening. :)