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My internship in the city is going well, and I think it's going to be a fun summer!
Work is also going well. I will be dancing at a friend's party very soon, and I'm pretty nervous. I didn't know the song before now, and I still don't have the dance fully choreographed in my head. I have this feeling that I'm just going to go up there and wing it, which will probably be fine, but I would have liked to have actually had something solidified, but whatever. We'll see what happens.

I just ordered some pictures from Shutterfly. I had a code for 50 free prints that expires tomorrow that I earned from a previous purchase. I have another free 50 prints that expires June 30 because they apparently had "slow service" and the free prints are their way of saying sorry. So, within the next month, I have to take another 50 pictures and order them. No pressure, haha. But since I make a photo album/scrapbook and order pictures very often, the free 100 prints are greatly appreciated!

Haven't been sewing lately - instead I've been working on an overdue wedding present in counted cross stitch. I hope to finish it within the next week! Then I can get back to making dresses and my other counted cross stitch piece I am working on!

Busy day tomorrow, bed time now!