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June already! Wow!

Today I am at work, editting graphics and designing. It's been a pleasant day so far, and it is Friday! Even better! I will visit Dave for lunch which will be nice too.

This weekend, my father and Dave are going on a canoe trip together - as long as it doesn't rain. Last year, their trip got rained out, so I hope they are able to go this year!

This weekend, I plan on finishing up some unfinished sewing projects, and work on some more counted cross stitch, along with tanning, cleaning my car, cleaning the house, and getting some paperwork together for my internship that needs to be filled out.

I changed the layout to my livejournal cause it's been forever since I have done so and I was just in the mood. I didn't even realize that there were pre-made layouts and whatnot, so enjoy the cute little elephants!!!


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Jun. 1st, 2007 03:49 pm (UTC)
I dig the new layout! How do you get the tags to show up in the margins like that? Last time I reformatted mine, I tried to find one that did that, and I couldn't. :(
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