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This weekend went by way too quickly!
On Saturday, Alyson and I went to AC Moore, and I bought some scrapbook stickers for my photo album. I don't keep a crazy scrapbook with paper cutouts and one picture per page, but I do mount all my photos in an album, with cute little decorations throughout the pages that are associated with the images. I like my albums. So I stocked up on some things that I was running low on, and then caught upon making pages for all my pictures. (I was sorta behind - I was just putting together Christmas 2006 - but now I'm good!)

At night, Dave and I went to go see "Knocked Up." It was funny! There were some parts that dragged a bit, but it was really funny!

Today I went to church with my mom and sister, and then we went out to lunch and did some shopping. I haven't purchased clothing in a LONG time, and I got a white blouse, a white tunic shirt, and a white skirt with a pink and orange floral print. Basics, but they were really nice. (From Talbot's too! I'm now someone who shops at Talbot's....how did that happen? But I LOVE their things lately!!!)

Then tonight, I went over Dave's house for dinner which was really nice. The weather is sucky though. I'm borrowing Dave's mother's yoga mat cause at my internship, there is yoga hour. How awesome is that?? So I now have a bright orange yoga mat. Woohoo.