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Today was a busy but fun day! I had to go to get my photo ID for my internship today at one part of the city, and it was raining so hard this morning. After walking there, my shoes were wet for the remainder of the day. It was pretty gross. But I'm now a 'real person' with a real ID. At lunchtime, we took a yoga class and then ate so that was fun. I'm not a yoga star or anything, but I still enjoyed it. We then spent the afternoon in one of the galleries working with mannequins and costumes and unpacking boxes of objects for an upcoming exhibition. Pretty cool.

I wore my new Talbot's tunic today too, so that was fun.

I have no just finished eating dinner and will do some relaxing around the house. I might read or do counted cross stitch. Wow, I feel like I'm getting old when I work full days in the city, haha!


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Jun. 8th, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
Ah, that is crazy...Yes we are getting old. I remember when a big day for you was going to cheerleading practice or rehearsal for a show and then getting ready for a weekend at the shore house. Hehe.
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