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I have a free moment at work, so I thought I'd post some recent pictures - of my lovely boyfriend, being cute for the most part.

He went fishing with his friend last weekend and the weekend before. Here he is with his prize fish of the first trip - it's 5.5 lbs - I think a bass? I don't even know. Freshwater bass is what the people in my office say when I just asked them. He looks so excited about his catch. (But I'm his *best* catch, ha...ha...ha.)

I also love this pic. He was playing his guitar the other night with the pick in his mouth. This is in his basement. Notice the keg lamp in the background that he made himself, and one of his other guitars hanging on the wall. He has another Fender? in aqua blue that is really cute too. (I describe guitars as cute, lol) He's such a boy.

And here were are on Memorial Day at a BBQ at my sister and her husband's house.

So yeh, I had some other pictures that I hadn't posted lately and thought I should do so.

Tonight I want to do something fun. I'm not sure yet what, but hopefully something will come up. Even if it's just shopping at a craft store, I'm game. I asked Stephanie if she wanted to go to a bar with me that we both like, but she said 'Mike has dibs for me tonight, but if he doesn't call, then yes.' Um, thanks Steph, lol. (She totally knows I love her, but ouch!)

So I may spend the evening with my sewing machine and a Blue Bunny personal ice cream sundae. Those babies are gooooooood!

My sidekick won't connect online. Piece of poop.

I also got my grades back for the Spring 2007 semester - I'm such a dorky overachiever, and wish they had been better!
Fashion History of 20th Century: B+ (my third B+ in my entire college career - maybe fourth cause I don't remember what I got on one dreadful summer class I took)
Textiles in World Cultures: A-
Museum Management: A-
Conservation II of Textiles (not the name of the class, but the only way I know how to describe it): A

I'm not going for my conservation concentration, but I might as well since I did better in that than in Fashion History and Museum, which is my concentration. Go figure.


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Jun. 14th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
Cute pics, Alex :)
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