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Oh happy day! I got a new MacBook laptop at work today. I'm on it for the first time now. Monday I will upload all my software - I think I'm getting CS3 and Quark 8? Whatever is out there now. I'm thrilled to pieces. Tickled pink! Love it! And you all know I'm not a dedicated Mac girl (my computer at home I use to design on is a 6 month old HP that I also adore) but a new Mac is always exciting. Especially when I get to use it for work and didn't have to pay for it myself. But it will definitely make designing more fun cause my old mac at work has been wonky lately although it's a G4. Hmph.

Yesterday I made a ton of new icons. Kissing fish, a snail, flying unicorn, love birds, tree vine with my name, octopus, a cartoon girl and guy on the beach, butterflies, silhouette of a girl (that I used yesterday) and I'm sure there are others I am missing. I just had a free chunk of time and went a little wild. My icons were getting kinda old anyway. Now I have some more new ones to throw into the mix.

The weekend is here almost, which also makes me happy. I will be doing some homework though and that's crappy but I will at least get it done. My goal is to also finish the paisly pink shirt, the wedding embroidery and my accounting presentation. I think I can do it!

I just used iChat on here and messaged my mom, who held up Tuffy to the camera for me. I love my doggie and I miss him when I am at work!!!


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Jul. 6th, 2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
i love my MacBook! I got it when it first came out last year && i adore it :D
i can't believe how cheap it's gotten. It makes me want to buy a new one. lol. enjoy your new laptop!!
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