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Yesterday was a pretty blah day and I'm sure that today is going to be a repeat. I work, I go home, I do homework, I go to class, I eat something, etc. Those are the types of events that occur. Blech.

On Sunday, I cleaned the entire house, so at least when I am home, I get to look around and notice how impeccable it is. Haha. But seriously, cleaning is a good thing.

After work yesterday, I just worked on my garden embroidery like a fiend. I swear, I'm going to finish that fairly soon. And it is huge. And it should take me a very long time, and I'm whipping through it like crazy. It just relieves stress nicely, and I enjoy working on it. You see immediate results and that's cool.

That's also one of the reasons I like sewing so much. You instantaneously see the work that you have done and it becomes a wearable garment fairly quickly.

On my 101 in 1,001 I state that I want to make this sweater for Bobby. I printed out the pattern and when I finish some of my sewing/embroidery things, I will make it. I also want to make a sweater for myself, and I have my sights set on this one. That will happen too at some point.

Also, I'm ahead of myself by months, but at the RagShop going out of business sale, I picked up a costume pattern for Halloween that includes a pirate, Little Red Riding Hood, french maid or any other character that has a skirt, tulle under, and a off the shoulder blouse and/or fitted low vest. I'm trying to figure out what I want to be. Usually, Dave and I will go to a Halloween party together, so I need to find something that will work as a couple's costume. Mandi and her fiance did Princess Peach and Mario and I think that is a great idea - and I can use the pattern I have to make myself a Princess Peach costume. Little Red and wolf would also be cute, as would two pirates. Last year we were Alice and the Mad Hatter. And that was a lot of fun. So I'm a few months ahead of myself, but I figure we could at least *start* planning now.

My new mac at work currently does not have any programs on it. I just tried to put Fetch on it, and I realized that it already came with it. How anti-climactic.

I also had it out with Capital One last night. I have a credit card that I've had since my sophomore year in high school. It's a Visa. I use it, but not a whole lot. It has a $1500 limit on it, which is by FAR the lowest amount on my cards. It's a Platinum account though, which is because I've had it for years and I don't believe in credit card debt - I only buy what I KNOW I will be able to pay off that month. And then I get the bill and I pay it in full. So I went online around the closing date to see what I had to pay. And it stated that I didn't have a bill that month cause it was either during the date that it was closing and the bill was still formulating or that I didn't use my card that month. I checked back a few days later. It said the same thing. A few days later, I check back again. Still no statement for the month of May. I figure I didn't use my card that month (I have others - I don't remember what I put on what card. Some of my other cards even offer cash back. There's no reason I would pick this card over any other, so I believed that I didn't use the card that month.) Well, I go online to view my statement for June. I still haven't gotten a May statement in the mail and it still won't let me view a May statement online - says the same thing about not using the card that month. Late fee charge on June's statement for not paying May. I call, and I get "Suzy" to take off the late fee charge. I believe all is well. It turns on my balance was $155.20, mostly in train tickets. I immediately log into my bank and send $155.20 to Capital One. I check the next day and it has gone through, and Suzy did remove the late fee charge. I think all is well with the world...

Then I log in yesterday just to make sure everything is still smooth sailing (I haven't haven't received June's statement in the mail. Maybe it's hanging out with May's) and there are finance charges. On everything! So I call yet again and talk to "Jason" who tells me some bs about how my statement closes on the 5th. Yes, I know that. It always has. For over 7 years.....geee.... So he puts me on hold to talk to a manager...and I'm on hold for 45 minutes. My mom then tells me to give up and try again, so she does and gets another person, this one a little more knowledgable, and we are connected with a manager in 2 minutes. Who just says, hi I'm so and so a manager, and I'm removing your finance charges. Bye.

Which is great, but man, I was just so annoyed. The bill was for $155.20. I'm not going to go into credit card debt and hurt my record for $155.20! This months bill is MUCH higher, and I plan to just pay it off (online in 4 days if I don't get the bill in the mail) and never use my Capital One card again. Ever.

What annoyed me the most was that it made me look shady explaining - "well, the statement won't appear online and I never got it in the mail. I now have finance charges and a late fee." I KNOW how bad it makes me look, but it's all true! After 8 years of paying in full before the due date, I'm not going to ruin that for $155.20!!!
Ahhhhhhh! (Can you tell this has me worked up??) My favorite part was that after my first phone call with Suzy, she 'did something' and as soon as I got off the phone with her, my statement was viewable online. Making me look like even more of a chump.

And today I had to fill out my health insurance waiver form for FIT...that was joyous too!!! Ha.


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Jul. 10th, 2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
that has happened to me before too, except i think it was my lane bryant bill, they gave my name to collectors, i had never gotten the bill, i was actually wondering why i hadn't got the bill yet and the phone rings one day and it's a collection agency, i was so pissed bc i, like you, pay my bill in full as soon as i get it

on another note, where do you get your embroidery patterns, the kits are soooooo expensive in craft stores, i just don't feel like i should pay $25 plus for an embroidery pattern, do you have a cheaper alternitive or are you just not a big cheapskate like me lol!
Jul. 10th, 2007 05:52 pm (UTC)
it's funny you ask that, cause my friend and I are imming each other right now about kits on ebay that are good prices.
lately I've been getting Cross Stith Gold Magazine at Barnes and Noble and then I buy the floss and fabric for each. The carousel horses are from a book of all carousel horses patterns that I've had for years. Hope that helps!!
Jul. 10th, 2007 09:05 pm (UTC)
thanks, that does help, i guess i could just buy a book or magazine, i don't know why i always feel like i have to get a kit, i feel like it would be harder to just go from a pattern but it's probably the same isn't it? there's a disney book with peter pan stuff in it and i never thought of looking on ebay for it but i'm going to go do that right now
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