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I spent most of yesterday evening working on my take home financial accounting midterm. I did get a good portion of it finished, but it was NOT a fun evening by any means!

Last night, I had a dream about dancing. I have dreams about dancing a lot! Since I am getting older and don't dance anywhere near as much as I used to (it was like, 5 hours a day, including weekends!) I'm obviously losing flexibility and it's just harder 'hitting' my 'tricks' (like, splitting a swing split, or getting my leg as high as it used to go in an arabesque). And in this dream, as with as dancing dreams, I can do anything. Like, things that I could do before are just effortless in my dreams. Now, it takes a lot of prep work to even do a leap. Now I actually HAVE to stretch, where before difficult tricks would just happen because my body was so conditioned to it, whether or not I had previously stretched. So it's kinda sad in a way, because I wake up an realize that I'm not 'as much of a dancer' as I was before, and it's kinda depressing!

Today I'm at work. There are a few sites that I will be redoing over the next few weeks, and my goal for the end of the day is to have one of them completely finished. I think that's a good goal, and that I will reach it.

Well, good morning everyone!