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I finished my presentation for Tuesday's class, but I haven't quite finished the take home midterm. A lot of it is completed, but I still just have to totally finish it so I can stop thinking about it.

I'm at work today and the day is going by quickly!

I went to the bank on my lunch break and Gina and her mother were there! It was funny that we were there at the exact same moment, and we were chatting about our upcoming vacation together. Can't wait!

It's kinda sad that I'm not on the beach right now the way that I was for the past two days. I also actually really miss Dave! How crazy is that? He's just at work, and I'm at work, but I had a lot of fun being with him and it saddens me that I'm not with him now. :(

I had to throw out a pair of shoes this morning - they were sandals that I bought at Urban Outfitters that sorta had a star on the top of the foot and then leather straps along the side, and they were gold. The sole was separating, and I kept tripping and it got caught on the ground as I walked. As much as I loved them, I realized it wasn't worth tripping and dying to keep wearing them. It does make me sad though. However, I am trying to downsize my closet, and this is one more pair of shoes that has now vacated from my closet! When I went away this past weekend, they were one of the few pairs of shoes that I brought (that and a pair of flip flops) and that's how I noticed that they were becoming a hazard to myself. But oh well, next summer I will be able to replenish and buy new summer shoes! (or at end of season sales this year!!)

Back to work.