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My sister is dogsitting for her brother in law's dog, Emma, the Wheaton.

Tuffy hates Wheatons.

My mom's cousin has a Wheaton that was born the exact same day as Tuffy, and one day she was at our house and Tuffy barked at her the entire time.

He doesn't like this one either.

When they are both in the backyards (that butt up against each other) the run along the fence and Tuffy barks at Emma, and Emma just runs along and bounces. She's really big on the whole bouncing thing. She also knocks over her water bowl, digs holes in the garden and under the gate and peed in my sister's hallway - but the pee then dripped through the floor and onto all of her stuff in the basement. (Now that's just gross - and she's going to have her builder check out the floor cause that really isn't a good sign!!)

But yesterday, Molly, Rory, Bobby and Emma were playing in Alyson's backyard. I took a few pictures. They aren't 'good' by any means, but they're still kinda cute.

Rory, Emma and Molly. Emma loooooooooves toys!

Emma running. Unflattering picture for her, but whatever.

And here is Emma bouncing up on my leg. Lovely.

She's really sweet though. Not that bright, but sweet.

Dave's uncle has a Wheaton that's a bit off his rocker too. I wonder if it's just the breed?


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Jul. 17th, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
Thankyou for making me laugh. The pictures are adorable. I want a puppy!
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