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Mid July already. Wow. How did that happen??

July 14th was 2 years 5 months for Dave and I. We didn't even notice it/mention it, but I think it is worthy of note.

I'm at work now, wearing the kimono dress that I made a while back. I was just in the mood to wear something that I had made. I generally wear my stuff once every two weeks or so. I figure I might as well enjoy it and wear it!!

Last night I handed in my Financial Accounting mid term and also gave my first group presentation on the homework that was due. (We each had to pick a chapter to present the homework on, and this was my chapter) So that means that two of the major assignments for the semester are completed. The final will be open book and I have one more large group project to work on, but things are moving along well. This is the last class of the MSU Arts Management MA degree that I need to finish. I then need to do an internship and a thesis. So, I am coming down the home stretch!

Speaking of internships, I have one more day at Lincoln Center for my FIT internship. One more day! I had a lot of fun during this internship though and I learned a lot. After this internship is completed, for FIT I have 8 more classes (4 in the fall, 4 in the spring) and a thesis. There is more work left for that degree than the MSU one, but they'll both be finished by Spring 2008. And then I get to look for a 'real' job...

The rain was ridiculous this morning. I'm not a fan of thunder showers at all. It's not that I'm afraid of them or anything, but there is something about them that makes me uncomfortable (besides the obvious of getting wet if you are outside). It's just the crash and the light...they just sorta annoy me? I don't know how to describe it. Tuffy hates them too cause he has to go outside to pee (like all dogs...) and who wants to pee in a rainstorm? I don't blame him!