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Gina and I are here in LBI and we have had a lot of fun so far! Friday night we drove down to my townhouse which is about half way from our houses up north and the island. We then proceeded to stay HOME on a Friday night, and I worked on embroidery while she knit a baby blanket for a friend. My mom told us we were losers.

Then Saturday we drove to the island, went to the beach, did some shopping, and went out to dinner. We then walked around the (small) amusement park and ran into one of our close friends from Middle School! How funny! We also saw an ad in the paper for a Toga Night at a bar down here - so of course we raided the house for old flat sheets and made togas. We didn't have any safety pins, so we used ollllld beach badges to keep our togas on our bodies. Pretty resourceful if I say so myself. (I believe 2002 was my season of choice)

Here are pictures.

Our self-photography on the beach. A guy took a picture of us, but it's not so hot. So this is our Saturday beach picture together.

Gina knitting on the beach.

Us outside on my street.

Friday night at the condo, all Gina could talk about was fried lobster from this restaurant. Here she is about to enjoy it on Saturday night!!!

I folded my napkin restaurant style at the end of our dinner. I'm a dork.

Our (semi) annual picture with the green lizard. It was Christmas in July, so he has on a wreath.

In front of the fireplace in my toga. These were my sheets in the 6th grade up north. Somehow the flat sheet to the set ended up down here!!

Gina and I at the bar in our togas. Her sheet is at least from the 70's. It was acting as a dust cover for my living room sofa.

Me at the bar.

So yeh, we're having a lot of fun!! Now, to the beach!!


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Jul. 22nd, 2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
Looks like you are having a blast! Always love your pics :-D I will be moving to NYC at the end of August, and classes start on the 5th of September. Woo!
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