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Today I'm at work.

For whatever reason, I have been sick the past few days. I don't know if it is something I ate while in LBI with Gina or what, but it's just not that much fun. But, we had a blast so that makes up for it. It didn't make me sooooo sick that I wasn't able to function while on vacation, but there were many unpleasant trips to the (only) bathroom in the house. (TMI?)

I ate a banana today at lunch with a croissant cause I figured that wouldn't make me sicker. There's a lot of candy in my office that we give away and the thought of any of it just makes me feel worse. Blech.

I still have to do my financial accounting homework. I thought I was going to get it done this weekend, but I didn't even take my book out of my car the entire trip. But, I did finish reading The Chinese Shawl though. It was actually really good, and my version isn't as pretty as the one I just linked to on amazon, and has a very dated 70's image on the cover....and Gina kept making fun of me for reading "that" book. But it was good, and very much like Agatha Christie, which I loooooooove. So I enjoyed it and that is all that matters.

Back to work.