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Today I went shopping in Shrewbury with my mom, Alyson, and my great Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty bought me this tote for my upcoming birthday:

She also bought me the zip large wallet in "Botanica," but for some reason I couldn't find it on the site to post here. Hmph. I love their zip wallets. I frequently buy them, and then replace as they get icky. My current wallet is Bermuda Blue in the large zip. I'm looking forward to my new tote and wallet!! September 12th!!

Tonight I am going to a mini birthday party celebration for Dave's cousin. Last night we ate dinner at his sister's house with her boyfriend Thorsten, Dave's father, Dave's brother John, and John's fiancee Lisa. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time together.

On Michelle's 3rd story condo deck, in her hanging plant, was a bird's nest with 2 baby birds in it! They were so cute!

Also, in another bird's nest on the roofline, a baby bird fell out and landed in a candle that had pooled water in it. The baby bird looked like a fetus, it was so weird and creepy and science-y! Dave gave it a burial at sea cause he felt bad. Poor little birdie.

At Anthropologie, I saw a craft idea that I would like to recreate: they had painted birdhouses with then squares of pinked fabric on the face of each birdhouse. I bought a few birdhouses at AC Moore, and I will make a set up like the window display of Anthropologie for my craft room.

I also got an idea from a Pottery Barn catalog that I recreated: they hung vintage mirrors above the bed frame. I spent a lot of time on ebay finding inexpensive, fun vintage mirrors. I then hung the up above my bed in the townhouse. I was down there today with mom, Alyson and Aunt Betty, so I hung up my last mirror.

Here is my inspiration picture from Pottery Barn:

Here is my bed (the small mirror on the bottom right is now a big pink mirror, upside down, and the little one is now to the upper right):

I like it.
And for fun, my townhouse living room, sorta. My new black leather chair is sorta seen in the right corner. I love my PB zebra platter on the coffee table, also from Pottery Barn.

Dave being cute in the townhouse living room, back in like, April: (haha)


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Jul. 28th, 2007 11:50 pm (UTC)
i freakin love that vera, i haven't seen that pattern out yet, is it new? i bought an avon knock-off of java blue today at a street fair lol now i want that one!
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