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Good morning everyone!
Today I HAVE to format my final group paper for my financial accounting class. I don't think it's going to be fun.

My weekend was nice. Yesterday I did some cleaning and then went to Dave's cousin's house for her son's 13th birthday party. I ate a lot of food and I still feel stuffed now. There was icebox cake there, which I LOVE and Dave and I each had a few pieces, haha.

I'm slowly but surely making my way through Jane Eyre. I don't have a lot of time lately to read. I'm basically doing about 2 chapters a day, but I'd like to do more than that. Maybe on lunch today I can read some more, if I get my paper finished!!!

My financial accounting final is also this week. I'm a bit worried, but it is open book. But still, I think that it is going to be really hard and I'm not looking forward to it at all. At least I will be finished with the class totally by the end of the week! Then I am SO CLOSE to graduating with my Arts Management MA. This was my last class for the degree. I still need to do an internship and thesis, but I'm not as worried about those. Those will just be finished in time.

The pictures of my closet below were created using the Ikea Pax Organizing System. The site that I linked is very awesome - it allows you to plan out your closet, then prints out a list of all of the pieces you need to make your creation.

My closet is a funny story. With the new construction, my mother and I decided that I would get the two rooms on the uppermost floor - the 2 newest rooms with the construction. The bathroom upstairs (exisiting) would stay and a space for another bathroom was created, behind the main door into my room (and is unfinished/storage at this moment) The closet was blocked out and drywalled. Stephanie measured the right wall, but she measured the FLOOR, and the measuring tape sorta went under the drywall...so the space was about a 1/2 inch smaller than her measurements cause the drywall pieces were each 1/4 inch thick. We went to IKEA together with our moms, and we found this system. This system has preset units - large and small (or, single and double wide) We did the math and it turns out that 2 double wide and 1 single would fit in the width of the right wall.

It then gets more complicated. It turns out that the heating runs from my bedroom into the closet space, and along the right closet wall, then the baseboard heating in my closet is in the wall straight back. So the builders had to make sure the closet units were pulle forward a few inches so the heating could run along the back. The also built a platform for the heating.

Imagine this: 3 unwieldy closet units. A 3 inch platform. And it turns out - the Ikea 3 units are like, 1/4 bigger than the space along the wall. Stephanie's measurement was off just enough to make our lives difficult.

I don't know how my contractor did it, (well, he and 4 other workers!) But they were able to set in my 3 units, bolt them together (Ikea tells you to do that) and to the wall, and squeezed ThemInPerfectly.OhSoPerfectly.

So basically, this closet system is going nowhere. It's stuck in there, for life!!! As a result, I don't EVER want to move out of my bedroom, hahahaha.

But after researching closet systems, this one was the best and the most affordable. It had the most interesting and functional options (wire baskets, small birch boxes, big birch boxes, shelving units, belt pull out rack, hanging poles, pants pull out rack, etc)

Also, Stephanie had coupons for every $100 you spent you got $20 off. So she, my mom, me and Mrs. Peterson all went through the checkout with different pieces and coupons. I think I spent about $450-$500 for the entire system, which isn't terrible. The other systems we looked at were WAY more - in the thousands!!

Maybe I'll go edit my paper now.