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8.1.07 - 101 in 1,001 update

Well here is my 101 in 1,001 update.

There isn't a lot to update.

I failed seeing Grey Gardens - it closed on Broadway. I have not fully completed any of my sewing projects that ar almost done. I did finish my hours for my FIT internship, but I need to fill out my hour sheet and hand in my journal to my FIT advisor. So that is very close to being crossed off, but it can't quite yet. Alyson bought me a Kitchenaid Mixer in yellow, so I crossed that off. She won't give it to me yet, until the next gift giving occassion, but it is one less thing that I have on my list!

Also, on my list, I wanted to throw some kind of party. I had originally mentioned in TF, which I want to do as well, but now I'm just changing that to a party in general. And, I am going to have a 24th birthday party, Garden Party themed, in September. I'm very excited about this. I just want a reason to have my friends over and to make food and have a bbq. So I'm almost set on a date, invitations and the menu. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I want to hear what YOU would do for entertainment/menu for an outdoor party type thing. And then I will probably steal those ideas and do it! Think of all the wedding showers, bridal showers and birthday parties that you've been to. What did you like about them? What can I take from those for my own party? Thanks in advance!

So far I'm thinking paper lanterns, lights in trees, champagne, white wine, punch, lemonade, mint julep, croquet, standard bbq food (just cause I don't have a budget to get all crazy) along with fruit, cheese, finger food...etc...but specificially what finger food? Up for debate!

And I plan to wear my black and yellow silk dress that I made (but haven't finished the hem on) So this way, I will need to finish the hem so it is wearable, cross that off my list, and throw myself a party, so I cross that off the list too!!

I understand the people generally throw someone else a party - technicality. So, "Dave" is throwing this for me, hahaha. In the 3 birthdays that I have been with him, he has had 3 parties. I have gone out to dinner with my family, but no party. I'm getting a party this year!!! Woohoo!!

Bring on the ideas!!


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Aug. 1st, 2007 04:50 pm (UTC)
Why are yours all out of order?

You've got some HUGE goals. What was your start date?
Aug. 1st, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
My start date was about a month ago? I don't remember, hahaha.

The funny thing is, my big goals will be the easiest to finish. I'm 99% certain that in Spring of 2008 I will have both MA's finished. Those are two huge goals, but I know they will be done.

Also, it's out of order cause I made a list, then re-organized it by category. I did a free-association sort of "what do I want to do" then placed them together.

I'm determined to accomplish most of the goals though!!!
Aug. 1st, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
this is just my taste so yours might be different but if i were to do a garden party it would definitely be whimsical/shabby chic themed, like with an alice in wonderland sort of vibe, which croquet and lanterns tie in with perfectly
Aug. 2nd, 2007 12:43 am (UTC)
That's exactly what I want! Tell me more!!! :)
Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:00 am (UTC)
Your 101 in 1001 is amazing! I had so much fun reading it. (I need to make one! I read about it on Ronni's site, too, the other day.)

Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:07 am (UTC)
Dammit, I didn't mean to post that just yet... I have questions / comments about your 101 in 1001 :)

* It is awesome that so many of your goals are in the Artistic section!

* What do you do with your embroidery? Do you display it in your house? Do you have a lot of finished embroidery products finished? That's neat!

* #34 sounds awesome! I hope you post pix/sketches when you're done :) (LOOOVE the Wizard of Oz!)

* #80 is the cutest thing EVER!

* I'm going to steal #82 from you and try that, too. Man, that sounds very difficult!!

* What kind of book are you planning to write with your mom?

* I passed Madame Toussad’s Wax Museum in NYC, and I thought it looked so cool!
Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:08 am (UTC)
Do you have a lot of finished embroidery products finished?

Best question ever. Oops.
Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)
Amy, you are so cute!
I'm going to attempt to answer your questions now:

- Most of my goals are artistic because I work on a lot of projects. I can't even say that I start projects and then don't finish them - I just added them to my list because I KNOW I will finish them, but listing them all out just reminds me to work on them! Thanks :)

- Some I display. In my family room downstairs, there is a cow sampler I made years ago, a boston terrier Alyson did in 1993, and a patriotic sampler Alyson did prior to that. They're cute. In my hallway to my room, I have one of a girl in a closet full of clothes that my mom made for me. My dining room has a large sampler with trees and stuff my mom made. In my craft room, I have a floral one I just finished.
So yeh, I guess we have a lot hanging. However, they don't like, take over the house or anything in a dorky way, hahahaha.


If you look at that, that's my house - and you can see the one in the dining room and one above my parents' bed that I just forgot to mention. The others are at angles that aren't visible....

- I used to design dance costumes for people I cut out of magazines when I was little, and had thousands (literally!) of little dance costumes out of paper with markers, beads, glitter and crayons. I think that is how I first got interested in fashion. So, now I'd LOOOOVE to costume an entire show, but I don't think I can take something on of that magnitude right now in my life. So, I want to design it. In a binder. So I get to do the project, without the stress, a timetable, or REAL people, hahahaha.

- #80 - the lion sweater, is soooo adorable! I think that will be my next project after I finish some of the sewing and embroidery ones. Bobby tells me he wants it for the winter.

#82 - oh #82 - I came very close this month. All I bought was 1 movie ticket ($11) and something else really insignificant. I did buy some birdhouses for a craft project decoration fo rmy sewing room, but I used cash for that...so that doesn't totally count (Although I didn't explain it, I meant credit card purchases - sorta like, at the end of the month, I will have nothing to owe - so I can save the entire paycheck sort of a thing) I doubt it will ever happen, but at least it will have me conscience of what I'm buying!!

- My mom and I have been discussing a book topic and the events of it from events that have happened to real people I know, but just sound so ridiculous, it would make a humorous book. Sorta like a group of friends idea. Now that I'm trying to talk about, it makes me want to write it even more! My mother is a lawyer who was an English major, and knows friends in publishing...it's worth a shot!!!!!

-Madame Toussad's is EXPENSIVE. lol. Like, $35 a person. So, the month I do that, will not be a "saving a paycheck month." hahahaha.

I think I answered your questions, and wrote a novel in the process.

And ps. I didn't even realize there was a typo in your embroidery question - I totally understood what you meant without realizing it didn't totally follow, lol....
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