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8.1.07 b

Well, after work, I came home and made dinner. I made a pork loin with a marinade/rub (called "Bicentennial Rub" - my mom got a really nice spice set from a client not too long ago and I used that on the pork) My dad helped me actually grill it cause I was in the kitchen working on the rest - a green bean salad with onions and oil & balsamic vinegar and a rice dish with mushrooms and onions.

I also made my own salad dressing - buttermilk ranch.

Overall I was pretty impressed. Dave came over and ate and liked it too. :)
After dinner, I made myself a chai latte with my steamer and vanilla flavoring - until I realized I grabbed the wrong Stash tea in a red packet - I made English Breakfast instead of Spiced Chai. Oops. I drank it anyway, I really didn't care. I just couldn't figure out at first why it didn't taste "Chai-like."

After dinner, Dave and I took Tuffy for a walk. He shat all over Stephanie's neighbor's front yard. I cleaned it up (what I COULD pick up) and then deposited the poo cup and plastic bag in someone's trash can. Ha. We wanted to say hi to Stephanie too, but she wasn't home. Her mom brought Gizmo outside and Tuffy barked at him, a lot.

Tomorrow is my Financial Accounting final. I was able to work on filling in the blanks to my study guide on my lunch break. But, I'm still fairly worried about the test. After I finish writing in here, I will go study more.

Also, Jessica's grandmother passed away, and today my sister and I and a coworker went to the wake. I think Jess was pleased to see us.

Off to my financial accounting book. What a fun evening the rest of the night will be!!