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Today is a day off and I am accomplishing a lot so far!

I took off/went through/put away in storage the contents of my shelves in my craft room. I am now setting them up to hold fabrics for upcoming projects, patterns, sewing and knitting books and magazines, and other craft related items. The stuff that had been on there were items from my childhood bedroom that sorta just, ended up there. So now, it's all clean and I'm going to decorate it with my sewing and knitting things.

I also did some cleaning and purging. I love getting rid of things!!

I also did a TON of laundry and am in the middle of washing my comforter. It's from Pottery Barn and is white...and Tuffy sleeps on it each night...so it isn't as white as I'd like it to be. Hopefully it will look better after it's washed!

I also just finished baking banana muffins for Dave. He mentioned the other day that he likes muffins (I hadn't ever really thought of muffins...) so I found a recipe and made it. In 8 minutes and 38 seconds I will take them out of the oven. This evening, I will be at his place painting his bedroom. I told him a while ago I would do it with him, and he has helped me paint practically EVERY room in my house (cause most of the rooms in my house have been repainted since the beginning of our relationship and he has helped SO MUCH) so that will be our evening. When the addition was put on in my house forming my room, closet and craft room, we primed alllllll the new rooms and closets one evening/day - then another day we painted the rooms - then another night we finished all the closets. It was a beast of a job. We saved a lot of money by not hiring a painter, and some painters you hire do a crappy job anyway. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to interior painting, hahaha. So, tonight, we shall paint.

I'm slowly making my way through Jane Eyre. It's good so far, but I find I'm not able to read multiple chapters in a sitting the way I did when I whizzed through Great Gatsby.

Oh yeh! My accounting final is over and done with! Yippee!! I think I did well, so that's all that matters. And I earned another 3.0 credits!!!!


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Aug. 3rd, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
You'll have to post pictures of your craft room! I'd love to see it. There's a whole Flickr group of craft/sewing room pictures and it's so inspiring for creative ways of organizing!

You're going to have to share your muffin recipe too! :)
Aug. 3rd, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
i want to see pictures of the craft room! i love getting rid of stuff too, it's like a natural high, sometimes i just get a garbage bag and go shopping through the house for stuff to throw away lol it's like a relief to have junk gone
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