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Last night, Dave and I painted his bedroom. I did all the cutting in - like, where the ceiling meets the wall, and wehre the wall meets the floor trim. How fun. Today, he needs to buy more paint and roll a second coat on two walls. Then it will all be finished.

Here are some pictures from his camera:

Here I am doing part of an alcove ceiling, or whatever. He rolled the back of my right leg with his roller cause he's just like that. (Which is why he took the picture - he thought it was funny that I was covered in paint) I then wrote 'Alex' on his back with my brush.

And here he is after we finished painting going to close the paint can and clean the brushes. (I hate cleaning brushes. I don't mind painting, but the cleaning part sucks!!!)

Look at this beautiful child. Although the kid looks a little worried, he is so precious. I just want to pinch his cheeks... Who is this little boy?

Why, it's baby Dave!!

He has this picture hanging on his wall and I loooooooove it so much. He was such a cute kid!!!

After we painted, we watched Norbit. It was pretty bad, but there were some parts that were funny. We were so out of it after painting, that I don't think we really cared WHAT we watched.

Today I am getting my hair cut and then going to a dodgeball party held by Dave's friends.


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Aug. 4th, 2007 02:00 pm (UTC)
A friend and I watched Freedom Writers last night (great movie!) and there was a preview for Norbit before it... it looked... interesting. ha.
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