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Yesterday morning, Stephanie came over. She worked on her dress - putting in the zipper - while I worked on hemming my pink paisley shirt. She also brought over Gizmo, and Gizmo and Rory played together in the backyard and in the house and they were both so smitten, as usual.

I then left her to get my hair cut.

I then met Dave at his friends' house for the dodgeball party. It was so hot yesterday (about 100) and at first, I could think of nothing worse than running around and playing dodgeball in the heat. But it was actually a lot of fun! But - I was picked LAST for every round of team picking - which hurt my ego a bit (not really) and I really wasn't that good. I did get Bart out (the host of the party!) There was one kid who was like a dodgeball beast! He got me once in the chest and it actually hurt!! hahaha. He was like, 6'4" and 300 lbs. and was crazy! Dave got him out once and was so excited!!

Here are pictures! Of course I took pictures!!

Here is Mike's dog Moe enjoying the sprinkler. He was sooooo cute and LOVED the sprinkler!

Dave catching a ball

Dave and I

Look at me, the wonderful dodgeball player! ha!

Dave running at the start of a game (Most of his friends have sideburns of some kind, as you can see)

Dave being snarky and asking "which way" he should throw the dodgeball to get someone out!!

Good epitome of dodgeball picture.

And then after, we went to Dave's house, and Daisy had 2 toys that she wanted to play with!

After that, we went to my house and watched "Catch and Release." It wasn't the greatest, but it was entertainment.

Today I hope to clean and finish my pink paisley shirt! I'm almost finished!!