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Good morning!
Back at work for the day. Yesterday I went over Michelle's house to celebrate Dave's father's birthday. It was nice.

I've also started to become addicted to Webkinz. There are a few games on there that I LOVE and I try to play them whenever possible, hahaha.

Today is going to be a long, hot day. I'm not looking forward to it at all, and just counting down the minutes. I think every day until I go back to school is going to be like that. That makes it sound like I want to go back to school, but that isn't the case either. It's just that this has not been a super great summer for me, and the fact that it is ending does not make me any happier. There's just a lot on my mind and I'm probably pretty close to being a basketcase right about now, but I can't do anything about it...I just need to keep chugging along...

In more fun news, I'm looking for the perfect fabric for an upcoming project. Maybe I can decided on that today and order it...

I also need to bill a client. I meant to do that a few days ago and just haven't gotten around to it. Money is tight now anyway, so it will definitely help. My credit card bill this month (3 of them) are all approximately going to be under $20. (I just checked - $50 on one (I bought some birthday gifts for people), $13 on another ($11 movie ticket, 2 $1 facebook gifts) and on the third card - 1 $5.75 train ticket, istock photos for my newest client, and a pending $29.20 gas charge. From the looks of that, I don't think I bought anything 'fun' really all month. Except for a few wooden birdhouses for $1 each for craft room decorations...but that doesn't really count...cause I bought it with cash. My fabric will be my first 'purchase' in a long time. The $11 movie ticket was the residual of buying 4 tickets on a gift card - so that wasn't too bad either. In LBI with Gina, the only thing I spent money on was $5 for milk, 2 cheese strings and an iced tea and then we went out to dinner one night - which was like $24 - which is more than I would have liked to spend, but we're still not talking big money. I just don't get it - I'm living very frugal, I live at home, my education expenses are under control, I have a job, and I'm still not having fun with money. Hmph. And it's not that the one $24 dinner and $11 movie are breaking my back - if I cut that out next month, I don't think that the $35 is pushing me over the brink. It's just scary cause I am trying to save money, but it's still an issue. Boo.

However, I understand no one will feel sorry for me cause my life is still pretty good, but it still bothers me...