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Today started off bleak, but so far, it's been a pretty great day!

On my 101 in 1001, I have on it that I would like to purchase a bay house/boat with Dave. Dave's mother's grandfather used to own two bay houses in an area that I am currently looking - so his mother took us to the area so we could look at some houses. (Oh yeh, it started off bleak because it was dark, cold and dreary - not at all a beach day) I had looked online previously and noticed that some of the bay houses are in the high 100's, which Dave and I could pull off in a year or so. Unfortunately, the ones that were for sale today and had open houses were more updated and nice, and way beyond that price. We found one that was probably in my price range though.

A shack. Literally. I doubt there is even running water in this joint. But, I can afford it!!

We did also go to an open house for one that was really cute, it is just a bit beyond our means at this point in time. Maybe when I get a full time job it will be attainable...

Here is Dave in the car. He was getting tired of looking at houses because the sun was FINALLY beginning to come out - and he wanted to go on waverunners. These houses were off of the island and about 45 minutes away from the island house. So, Dave started to get a bit crochety when we hit traffic and decided to stop for food. But he's a cutie.

So, we got back to the island and did our waverunner excursion. Here we are about to take off:

And here we are on our way to the middle of the bay. (Where there are no pictures cause we were well, in the middle of the bay) I just held on for dear life. We tipped it twice cause Dave liked to go super fast on turns. It then became kinda cold cause I was wet and waverunning. But it was fun!

After that, it was beach time! I read a bit of Jane Eyre and watched Dave go in the water. The waves were rough and the undercurrent was strong - and since I wasn't super hot (since I was still kinda wet from the waverunner, even though I changed my bathing suit) I just went up to my knees in the ocean as the waves broke and took pictures of Dave.

Here he is jumping waves!

And here is a wave sort of consuming him.

He's a boy and a lifeguard, so he likes that kind of wave. A little rough for me, but we still had fun.

And here is Dave laughing as he steps out of the water. I just thought this picture was cute.

I'm showered and almost ready for the evening's activities. I'm sure we're going out to eat, but I'm not sure what is going on besides that. I talked to my friend Sabrina who is also down here with her boyfriend for the weekend, so we might meet up with them which would be nice. I love it down here and I'm going to be super sad when I have to go back to work on Monday!!