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8.14.07 b

I'm sorta toying with the idea of buying an FIT class ring for my MA degree there. I don't think I need an MSU ring for my MA degree since I have an MSU BA ring. Hm. Decisions, decisions. This ring that I designed would cost around $367. That includes 2 diamonds and a low carat white gold. That also includes a special cut stone. I'm also assuming that instead of "State University" it will say "Fashion Institute" or something. It better! hahaha.

What do you guys think?

I think I'm doing it.
I have a high school ring from Josten's too, and I have the blue sapphire September stone (fake sapphire) and I sorta want a pink one. I think FIT's color is purple though, but I really like the pink. I'm getting a friggin' master's degree, you'd think I could decide on a stone color and it's a big issue!!!

I went out to lunch with my mom, sister and Great Aunt Betty today. It was really nice. They went furniture shopping afterwards, but I had to go back to work.

The day is going by quickly though!


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Aug. 15th, 2007 03:39 pm (UTC)
I LOVE it!!

Oh, and I did suspend my LJ for awhile, but I am back now. :-) And I think I have you on myspace...
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