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Last night, I finished up all my invitations - printing them and the envelopes and attaching the ribbon. I will send them out today at lunch. I just hope a lot of people come cause I'm really excited about this! I'm hoping to get pretty floral stamps too. Yey!!

Today I'm wearing the pink paisley top that I made. I'm excited about it! I think it looks cute!

Last night, I was working on the invitations, and heard a knocking on the window. I started screaming! It turns out it was just Dave. He figured I'd be down there, so he thought a knock would get my attention, but it just scared the shit out of me. It was nice though that he stopped by after his class. Tonight he might have to do a lot of homework from it. That sucks, but I totally know the feeling!!

On lunch, I plan on getting the McDonald's Snack Wrap. I tried one the other day while on vacation, and for whatever reason, I really liked it! I've been craving one since - but Monday my boss brought in bagels, so I had one of those for lunch. And yesterday, I went out to eat with my aunt, sister and mom for lunch. So today, I will get a snack wrap! Woohoo!!! Then to the post office to buy pretty stamps!!

I was on the phone with Cynthia last night for a while as I was preparing my invites. She is currently looking for another job and planning on moving out. It's so weird how 'life' is happening! I liked it better when we were all young and spending our entire summers at our island houses together and not worrying about anything! How does all that go away so quickly???