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Invitations are arriving to people! I'm starting to get calls about RSVP'ing! Yippee!

Today Dave and I went to the Liberty Science Center. It was interesting, but there were a few exhibits that I would have liked to have seen that I thought would be there that weren't - the huge walk through heart for instance, and the touch tunnel (which I loved when I was younger!) They have just redesigned the center, and it was fun, but I'm not raving about it or anything. We saw an iMax movie about Rovers on Mars which was interesting, ate lunch in their cafe and walked around. It was a nice day activity. We enjoyed their live animal show and "Eat or Be Eaten" exhibit the best. We even saw a monitor (alligator like thing) eat dead white rats. Fun.

I also ran into one of my friend's mother - from my dancing days! It was so random so see her but was a nice blast from the past!!

Me in Jersey City against the NY skyline. Sadly, the twin towers would have been directly behind me.

Dave holding a hissing cockroach.

A neat twig-like looking bug.

Dave with one of the many poisonous snakes.

I just thought this was hilarious. The kids probably didn't even get it. There was an entire exhibition on germs and different types and how bacteria travels - and this was at the start of it.

This is me in front of the bacteria exhibit. There's a funny little story here. The other day, I didn't mention it, but I had an "issue" and had to get antibiotics. Bacteria is not a pretty thing. So I'm on day #2 of my drugs - and haven't taken antibiotics since I was like 10. So I had to pose in front of the bacteria!!!

Dave and a large fish.

After that, I came home and cleaned the house a bit. Tomorrow, I shall paint!!


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Aug. 19th, 2007 01:41 am (UTC)
they got rid of the touch tunnel?? that was my favorite thing there and has so many memories!
Aug. 19th, 2007 02:56 am (UTC)
I know! I was so upset!!!
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