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Last night, my mom and I watched High School Musical 2. It was pretty bad, but we just couldn't pull ourselves away from it!!

Today, my mom and I took Tuffy and Rory on a walk. Normally we keep the two separated because Tuffy really doesn't like other dogs. But, the wanted to walk side by side! It was the cutest thing! And if he was ahead, he kept turning around, stopping, and waiting for Rory to catch up. We plan on walking them more often now!!

I am almost finished painting the living room. I have been working on it for most of the day. My father is currently spackling an area that got messed up from the construction, and when he is finished with that, I will go back up and finish the painting. I will be thrilled when I am finished with that!

I am also really annoyed - my fabric order got messed up. They sent me two of the three challis fabrics I ordered - and said the 3rd sold out. However, what the hell am I sopposed to do with 2/3 of the fabric for a dress? I bought the 3 so they would MATCH together. Of course, they have nothing else on their site that matches what I have. And there aren't any fabric stores close by where I could just go and match them to another. I'm so frustrated. So, I have to send them back. Grr...

I have plans to hang out with Dave this evening. He was mowing lawns all day (he does that for fun and extra cash) and plans on going rollerblading with a friend for a bit. After dinner then, we will find something to do. I'm going to be tired though. The antibiotics also make me groggy, so I've been really unpleasant lately!!! Ugh!


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Aug. 20th, 2007 02:22 am (UTC)
I am SO excited to see High School Musical 2!!! I would have watched it Friday night, but I was at a wedding. My roommate said it was just as good as the first. :) Of course, "good" is relative (we are talking about a Disney movie here), but I am excited nonetheless.
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