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My day is going by slowly but surely. On lunch I went home and made myself a grilled cheese with bacon and read some Jane Eyre. I then spent about 20 minutes adding another one of the tiers to the vintage dress I am working on. I am now finished with most of it, with the exception of one more tier to add, then the hem and some other finishing details. I'm very happy about that and I plan to work on it after I get home from work this evening.

I will also then be able to write a review on PatternReview.com, which I LOVE doing!!! haha. After I finish this dress, I'm not sure what I will start next. I bought material for another fall dress, but I haven't received the pattern for that in the mail quite yet. I have a few more summer dresses that I would like to make, but since the weather is really crappy lately, I'm more into fall garments. I will probably start knitting again too. However, I may make the summery dresses for next season. Hmm...

This morning was super busy at work. There is just a lot going on and I'm trying to get everything finished by the time I start school next week. I'm looking forward to going back because I actually do like my classes, but I'm so sad that summer is ending! At least I have one more weekend. I hope the weather is nice at least!