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I'm at work right now, eating lunch, and a bit stressed. There are a lot of projects that are half finished, and I'm trying my hardest to complete all of them, fully. I'm just not sure if I can be done, but I'm trying!

Last night, I went home after work and did some more sewing on the vintage dress I am making. I now have the bodice completely done, all of the tiers of the skirt attached, and the inner lining sewed. I just need to hem it and add the buttons, and then add my own "made by" label to the inside. So I'm quite proud of how that is coming along and I really hope to get a chance to work on it tonight and be able to finish it all up. After I worked on it a bit last night, I went over Dave's. We just hung out, spent time together and some time with his mother as well. We both have a lot of crazy stuff going on at the moment, so it was nice to just relax and be together.

Today, a dog arrives at my house that we will be babysitting for a while. I'm not sure how Tuffy will feel about her (Lily) but she's such a sweetie. When I get home from work today, she will be there. Yippee!!

I go back to school next week. I'm excited about my classes, but not the work that goes along with it. However, Dave is working on a certification as well, so we are both studying and doing homework.

I had a good summer though, so I can't complain. It wasn't stellar or anything but it was nice. I had a few trips to the LBI house with Dave and then one with my mom and Dave and his mom. I worked a lot! I finished my FIT internship. I finished the last 'classroom' class for my MSU degree. I went to the townhouse and LBI house with Gina. I painted the living room. I worked on some sewing projects. Dave and I went waverunner-ing, to a water park with slides, and to the Liberty Science center. I hung out with my sorority.

I guess I'm ready for summer to be over. My only gripe allllll summer was that I didn't get a lot of days off from work. And that's not that big of a deal since I made extra money. The weather was pretty shitty anyway, so even if I had days off, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy them anyway!

But, onward fall!! And my birthday!!!