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I had off yesterday, for summer four day work week, and I love having two "Saturdays" per week. I should enjoy it now though because next week I go back to school!

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mother and sister. I bought a pair of Banana Republic ankle-tie espadrilles for $19.99 that I really liked. I also had a coupon for free Aveda perfume, so I picked the scent I wanted and got that. I also picked out a yard of fabric with Alyson so I can teach her how to sew boxer shorts, and I bought 4 buttons for my satin blouse that I am in the midst of currently making. It was a nice trip and I didn't spend a lot of money!

Today I plan on cleaning a lot! I want to take the time now to get everything organized before school begins and I am too busy to clean. I also want to do a deep cleaning before my party. So that is the goal for the day. Dave and I have plans to hang out in the evening. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but we'll figure out something. I was over his house last night and hung out with his sister, his sister's boyfriend and his parents. It was nice to see all of them and we had Chinese food. Yum.

Cleaning time!!