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One of my classes for FIT this semester is pretty intense, yet totally awesome. It's a class in mannequin-dressing, and preparing the entire "look" of an era of time accurately. We will have a sketches due at the end of the semester as well - we have to take an existing surviving garment from each time period, and measure it out, understand all the seams, gathers, etc. thoroughly - and then sketch it out. It's basically figuring out what each pattern piece is like, almost - which is a totally awesome concept to understand the patterns for garments in every time period. In class, I was able to finish one sketch - a shift from the 19th Century. Yey for gusset sleeves and the width being selvege to selvege!!!

There was an awesome pair of 18th Century breeches that I actually can't wait to sketch. I never thought that would ever be a desire of mine, but it totally is! I just picture Dave wearing all of the 18th Century men's clothes and it makes me giggle. We also have embroidered men's coats that are just absolutely beautiful. And I get to play with them to sketch them! How fun!!

After class was done for the day, I was able to meet up with Dave at a bar in the city since he was also in NY. It always baffles my mind how no matter where you are on the planet - there is an exact location where someone else is - and you are able to go to that location to meet them there. I know that is clumsily written and I may not be getting my point across - but you can describe a location, anywhere, and go to that location as a meeting point. Um. I'm still not being clear. It just shocks me that the world is so huge, and yet, Dave and I, each going about our day in completely separate ways, were able to cross our paths, and meet up at a random location in the middle of the day in New York City. As in city, street, cross street, name of bar, specific entrance in bar, pinpointed down to specific stool at the bar. He just had to tell me where he was, and within 10 minutes, I was there, next to him.

I still don't know if I expressed what I really meant, but whatever.

I just explained this to my mother and she told me I was strange. She then told me I reminded her of this:

Hysterical clip of beauty contestant answering a question on maps. Wonderfully delicious.

Fabulous quote about the clip: "During last week's pageant, Miss Teen South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton was asked why one-fifth of Americans couldn't find USA on a map.

"I personally believe that US Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have maps," she said tentatively.

She also made random references to South Africa, "Asian countries" and "the Iraq", and said they needed support from the American educational system. "


Anyway. Poor girl. I totally can understand how that happened though. My sister used to do pageants, and there are certain responses you are expecting and you have memorized 'lines' to feed that are 'correct.' And if you think of that, and you get lost - wow.

Ok. I went off on a tangent completely.

I did finish Dorian Gray though today. However, I did something else very stupid. I got into the city late today, and I was debating whether or not to buy my ticket home. I somehow managed to, and then ran to class and was only a few minutes late. I hate being late. I then go throughout my day. I meet up with Dave. I set a time limit, and return back to my public transportation. I see it's boarding. I get so pissed at myself for NOT BUYING A TICKET HOME SINCE I HAVE TO WAIT ON A LINE OF 50 PEOPLE. I then see my train "Allboard." I then see it leave the screen - so the train has left. I then remember THAT I HADDDDD BOUGHT THE TICKET HOME! I totally could have made the train! Completely! My timing was perfect - I had the ticket, the train was boarding, and I spent all that time on line, when it wasn't necessary. Did anyone else do anything as stupid as that lately?

I then had to wait another hour. Hmph.