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Back at work. My hours are reduced considerably now that I am back at school and doing an internship. I actually really miss work!! However, I understand that after I graduate, I will almost definitely get a full time job and then I will be able to work a lot. And then I will wish that I was still working part time and in school. But you always want what you can't have...

I have some research projects already that I should start working on. I will be doing a presentation and paper on the Maison Virot - accessories designers - back in the 1880s? I'm still not even totally sure what years they were around since I haven't totally started my research. I get to look at primary sources/magazines from that time and look for references to that design house. So it should be fun. I hope.

I haven't worked on my sewing lately. I NEED to finish the hem on one of my dresses by my party on Saturday. I hope to do that tonight or tomorrow night. Otherwise I won't have anything to wear to my party! Ack!

I cleaned the house *again* for the party. I'm just trying to clean it often so that it stays clean and so I didn't miss anything. I don't want people thinking I live in filth! haha. Obviously, my house is never really all that dirty, but it's just one of the things that I sorta obsess about, especially when guests are coming over.

Back to work, just wanted to say good morning!