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Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday comments!
I had a wonderful day! I went to work, and my boss gave me a Banana Republic gift card. Awesome. My department then took me out to lunch, and we went to Chevy's where I had the steak quesadilla and ceasar salad lunch combo. The restaurant then sang to me and they gave me free ice cream!

After that, I went back to work for the rest of the afternoon where it was a very easy, pleasant day. My boss' boss bought me a cake and then the extended department sang to me and we ate cake. My boss also bought donuts in the morning for everyone. I walked across campus to meet with my advisor and I ran into Tim! What a wonderful birthday present that is in itself!! He's back at school after touring and being in Broadway shows for the past 2 years (hard life, right?! haha)

I then came home, and opened up gifts from my parents and my sister. My Aunt Betty came over, and Dave did too, and they sang to me and we had ice cream cake.

Then Dave gave me his presents (after first walking in and telling me that he didn't get me anything - that *he* was my present and that he hoped that was good enough. I had to assure him that although I *do* want him, I also wanted presents, damnit! Fortunately he was only kidding - good thing, I almost cried. Hahaha. Not nice.) But, he bought me wonderful presents! He bought me an awesome pair of mary jane shoes, fluffy 'nap' socks from Brookstone, Godiva chocolates, 3 lb weights (we were discussing how I should start lifting small weights for fun) and then a large gift certificate to Mood, the fabric store in NYC that is featured on Project Runway and very close to FIT. He said Mood had so much fabric it confused him. I have been there before and love it, but he was so cute - he said he got lost among all the bolts and was just surprised at how much fabric was actualy there!! We then went out to eat.

My sister got me a cutting board from Williams Sonoma that I had my eye on (it's a wood chickie - she has the pig - my mom has a pig that a student of her mother's made her mother in wood shop in like, the 1950s. It started a decorative wood animal cutting board trend among us), a flexible buttefly spatula also from WS, and WS's cakelet pan of 8 bugs. I love it all!!

My mom bought me the most beautiful outfit from Anthropologie, a vera bradley 2008 date book calendar and 2 webkinz charms (haha!). Love it all!

And my friends at the party were so generous. I didn't expect any of the wonderful gifts and I just feel so loved!!!

So the birthday celebration treats were donuts (I didn't eat one until this morning though for breakfast), lunch at Chevy's, ice cream at Chevy's, a sliver of cake at work, and a sliver of ice cream cake with my family. Wow. That's a lot of birthday partying!!

Cynthia is coming over tonight. We are going to grill and make dinner and hang out. I'm excited!!


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Sep. 14th, 2007 02:56 am (UTC)
Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad you had such a great day! &heart;
Sep. 16th, 2007 02:34 am (UTC)
happy belated b.day!
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