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Today I had a busy day of running errands! My classes were cancelled due to the Jewish holiday, but I still had to put together my internship binder from my internship over the summer to drop off to my MSU advisor. While I campus, I ran into Tim again! Twice in two days, that's awesome! It's just like old times!!

After that, I went to Urban Outfitters with my mother to use a gift card I had received. I bought a linen scarf and a pair of panties. I thought the prices were pretty steep (it wasn't a low amount gift card) but I'm happy with what I purchased. I also did boring errands like stopping off at the bank and doing food shopping for the evening. I also bought my boss' daughter a Webkinz charm for her upcoming birthday.

I then came home and made dinner for my family and Cynthia. Aunt Betty also came over. I made marinated herb and garlic chicken on the grill, and served salad, Italian bread, brie with crackers, fruit with a cream cheese dip and white zinfandel with it. Nice light and end of summery type of meal. Cynthia also brought a lemon meringue pie and gift card to Sephora to celebrate my birthday. Love it. Super sweet.

Bed time for me now. Internship in the morning!!